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Service Animal Registry

Regulated by the Department of Justice (DOJ) Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Service Animal Registry (SAR) provides disabled Americans with uniform Service Animal Permits for all breeds of animals with any range of skills that can be used to assist a disabled American. SAR permits have been used in supermerkets, Metro Rail, busses and other form of transportation, courts, housing (apartment and house rentals), police stations, restaurants, movie theatres, and of course the Department of Justice! Service animals may legally go anywhere the owner/disabled person is legally allowed to go!

If you find an animal with a SAR permit, please contact us 24 hours a day at the toll-free number provided below so we can help the animal get returned to its owner. Please be sure to follow any specific instructions on the permit (try to find owner nearby, call 911, etc.)

SAR Founding Dog "Droopy" standing proud in front of the FBI Service Martyrs wall at the Department of Justice.
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Photo taken with permission of Federal Bureau of Investigation


If you are a merchant and have questions about a service animal being in your establishment, please review the following 1 page document from the Americans with Disabilities Act information web site provided by the U.S. Department of Justice:

ADA Business BRIEF: Service Animals - (PDF)

ADA Business BRIEF: Service Animals - (HTML)

(Duplication of the above Brief is encouraged by the DOJ -- the PDF version makes a nice color print)

If you are disabled, American, and need a permit for your service animal immediately, please call us toll-free 24 hours a day for an application at:

1 (866) 4 SAR DOJ - (472-7365)

Version of same number without letters:
1 (866) 472-7365

In the alternative, we can fill out the application for you over the phone.

To expedite issuance of permit, please provide one or more clear photos of animal (for inclusion on permit) and make a check or money order in the amount of $60 ($15 one time processing fee, and $45 annual fee) made out to Service Animal Registry, Inc. and send to:

Service Animal Registry
5419 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90027

Photos may be mailed or sent via email to

Please allow up to 2 weeks to receive your permit (for animal) and ID card (for you).

For one day processing after we receive your application, photo(s), and fee, please send $100 instead of $60. We will process your application the same day received and return permit and ID card via overnight service (U.S. only).

In either option listed above, the permit is $45 annually to renew which includes standard shipping. (Expedited shipping should not be necessary for renewals unless the permit becomes expired, etc.)

We are graciously accepting donations to cover costs for permits provided to indigent disabled persons who need a permit, but could not otherwise afford it. Please indicate "donation" on check or money order.

Things to remember:

Service animals are not pets.

Service animals are not only seeing eye dogs for blind persons, a common misconception -- they can be any form of animal -- including a fish!

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